Order and Shipment FAQs

How long does it take to process my order?  Because each product is made by hand upon your order, it generally takes 2-3 days to process it.  You will receive an email with an tracking number, once your order has been completed and shipped.

Can I expedite an order?  You sure can!  There is a $3.00 charge on all orders that require processing and shipment within 2 days of ordering. You will encrue the overnight or express shipping charges.  To expedite your order, please be sure to include a note within your order, under the “order notes” section.

Can I send my order as a gift to someone?  Absolutely!  To gift an order, leave your details in the “order notes section.  Be sure to notate it is a gift, and on your behalf, I’ll include a special card celebrating a Birthday, Just Because, Thinking of You, Happy Anniversary, etc


Product & Care FAQs

How often should I use the products?  I have included suggested use recommendations with each product.  The mask, scrub, and serum can be used no more than 2-3 times per week.  The cleanser, toner. and make-up remover can be used daily.  However, be mindful that the make-up remover contains oil.  For those of us with oily skin, or those of us who live in regions with higher humidity, we must be careful of how much we apply oil to the skin.

Speaking of oil, what if my skin is naturally oily?  The scrub, mask, toner and cleanser are best used on oily skin.  They all contain ingredients that combat the oil on the surface of the face.  The make-up remover is highly effective in removing make-up, but if your skin is extremely oily, you can tone, cleanse, and tone again to remove your make-up.

What if my skin is dry?  Did you know that dry skin is really an internal issue?  Really, the majority of your skin ailments are internally or genetically based.  If you are experiencing dry skin, increase your water intake, and limit or eliminate your intake of yeast-producing foods such as potatoes, refined carbs, sugars, dairy, meats, and alcoholic drinks.  As for products, the serum is a balanced and essential elixir that contains ingredients that nourish and replenish your skin when it’s feeling dry.

What about a moisturizer?  I have found moisturizer to be an unnecessary step. Why?  Because those creams just sit on the face, providing a temporary fix for dry skin.  Also, many creams are packed with chemically-dense ingredients that serve no ultimate purpose in the overall health of your skin. Consistent skin-care and a diet limited or free of yeast causing foods, will greatly benefit your dry skin, and even your scalp dandruff (if you have it).  Shhhh….Ill be releasing a few hair-care products soon.