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Let’s Go Back. Waaay Back. Back Into Time.

Long story, short…

I started gaining weight in the 3rd grade.  3rd grade, y’all!  The majority of my childhood and adult life, I was overweight and out of shape.  Round about 2014, I had some health problems.  After some research, I decided to change my diet.  With that, my health issues pretty much disappeared.

I eventually switched back to my old eating habits, and the issues naturally made a comeback.  Christmas morning 2017, I woke up and made a decision that I would try a vegan diet.  I needed a challenge.  And that challenge has served me well every since.  A few months in, one of the first compliments I received…”Kim. your skin is glowing.”  I knew my improved skin was a direct result of a dramatic increase in fruits and vegetables, and an even more dramatic decrease in meat, dairy, and processed and chemical-dense foods.

I’ve had problem skin every since my pre-teen years.  So, if what I put in my body had that much of an impact on my skin, how much more different could my skin be if I changed what I put ON my body.  Enter, Bask & Bounty!  Over the past few months, I’ve been treating my face to a self-care routine of handcrafted, all-natural goodness.  While I still have skin imperfections that may never go away cause it’s just in my DNA, my texture, tone, clarity and complexion have VASTLY improved.

I’m beyond grateful to share with you my nature-rich face and skin care.  I’ve researched every ingredient and tested every product to ensure that I am providing to you the best that your skin deserves.

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